Individual & Small Group Insurance

Individual Health Insurance:

There is a misconception that everyone must purchase their health insurance through the Nevada Health Link insurance exchange. That is only true if an individual or family qualifies and would like to take advantage of a government subsidy to help them pay part of the insurance premiums and in some instances, deductibles and co-payments. If an individual or family’s income is higher than the allowable threshold for a subsidy they will find many more options and companies outside of the Nevada Health Link exchange. The rules are the same outside of the exchange: no medical underwriting and no pre-existing condition limitations.

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Small Group Insurance:

Group health insurance for the small employer has just gotten a whole lot more complicated. The new rules and regulations implemented by the Affordable Healthcare Act will still make sense for some employers to offer their employees insurance benefits, while others will find it is no longer feasible in today’s world of health insurance. If you employ less than 25 individuals and pay an

average of less than $50,000 per year per employee you may be eligible for a government tax credit to insure your employee through the SHOP exchange with Nevada Health Link, however there are only two companies to choose from.

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Companies Represented:

Health Plan of Nevada Sierra Health and Life
Assurant Health

Aetna Qupte Tool

Prominence Health Plan Logo